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Educational and Care Facilities

Schools with full day care, universities, campuses, special education centres, care facilities for people with mental and physical disabilities, schools, sports halls, day-care centres, youth centers, etc.

Office and Business premises

Office buildings, business parks, administrative institutions, business premises, community centers, corporate offices, embassies, ...

Medical Buildings

Hospitals, care centers, therapy centers, university hospitals, laboratories, nursing stations, health centers

Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Industrial parks, factories, factory buildings, shopping centers, supermarkets, car dealers, wine cellar, technology centers, innovation centers,...


Traffice route engineering, transport concepts, local heating plants, opening up for development for business and housing areas,...

Culture and Event Buildings

Event venues, lecture rooms, cultural centers, conference- and convention centers,...

Energy and Environment

Building energy optimization, energy consulting in residential and commercial buildings, photovoltaic systems, wind farms, alternative energy, environmental impact statements, local and regional energy concepts, hydropower plants, biogas plants, waste disposal sites etc.

River Works Development

Drain inspections, high water risk analysis, drainage systems, high water barriers, hiwgh water shelter on premises, drain ecologization

Residential Building

Single and multi-family homes, townhouses, residential homes, lofts, renovations, ...

Water Management

Urban water suplly and sanitation, utility lines construction, communal sewage treatment plant, industrial sewage treatment plant, water treatment plant, water pollution control plant,...


Real estate assessments, appraisals/division of property into condominiums, AfA expert's report court's valuations, loss assessments, evaluation of economic effectiveness, procedure management, mediation and joint dispute resolution, Ombudsperson, due diligence, status reports,...

Non-Standard Facilities

Projects that require due to the circumstances specific know-how and special procedures.

Tourism and recreational facilities

Hotels, animal parks, recreational centers, spasmuseums, ...