Rehabilitation of Landfill Cafe near Bar, Montenegro, 2018

Fachbereich / Projekttyp Energie und Umwelt
Auftraggeber EU Delegation in Montenegro & Directorate of Public Works
Leistungsumfang Örtliche Bauaufsicht
Fertigstellung 2017
Architektur / Gestaltung Mesogeos S.A. Athens (General Contractor)

The unsanitary dumpsite “Café” near Bar, Montenegro, has a total area of approximately 20 ha, of which approximately 6 ha is covered with the disposed waste.  The amount of waste is estimated at 172.000 m3, disposed at the altitude of 35 m to 115 m above the sea.

According to the existing conceptual design, the dumpsite will be partially rehabilitated by way of relocation of the waste inside the location and covering with a multi-layer composed of: gas drainage layer, waterproof layer (bentonite and HDPE liner), storm-water drainage layer, reinforcement net and layer for landscaping. 

The EU-financed project “Design Review and Supervision of works for rehabilitation of unsanitary dumpsite “?afe” in the Municipality of Bar, Montenegro”, EuropeAid/137123/IH/SER/ME/3 is carried out by the Consortium led by Ingenos.Gobiet.GmbH.

The key tasks in the project include: a) Review and approval of the main design prepared by the works contractor and b) Supervision of the works in accordance with the FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design-Build 1999 (Yellow Book) and in accordance with the Montenegrin legislation.