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University Hospital St. Pölten, 2019-2021

The Regional State Government of Lower Austria is investing around EUR 500 million in the modernization and expansion of St. Pölten’s University Hospital. The upcoming construction works concern the general refurbishment of main building A, as well as the building complexes C, D and G. The project is set to be completed in 2021.

State Hospital Graz, Centre for Radiotherapy, 2018

In an effort to build up radiation oncology capacities, an additional two linear accelerators (LINAC) will be built at the State Hospital Graz. These machines generate high-energy radiation and provide a highly effective oncological treatment.

Health centre Josefhof Graz, 2019

The health centre Josefhof in Graz specializes in stationary treatment for health promotion and preventive medicine.  In order to heighten its care capacities, the new health centre will provide 120 patient rooms rather than the existing 71. 

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Vienna North Hospital, 2018

Vienna North Hospital is built for 850 beds on the left bank of the river Danube. As a result, the 170.000m² industrial area will be transformed into a highly developed health centre.

Care Centre Bad Radkersburg – Phase 2, 2018

Ingenos.Gobiet is supervising the general refurbishment of the care centre’s north wing. This concerns the patient care ward and all functional areas: the installation of new doors and windows, ceilings and floors as well as the construction of a new annex, consisting of a cellar and 3 floors. The ferroconcrete construction is allowing for future annexes and additional floors.

State hospital Styria Leoben radiotherapy Linac 1, 2017

New building of a radiotherapycentre with linear accelerator, planning-CT and examination and treatment rooms in addition to the existing clinic of the state hospital Leoben.

Sonderkrankenanstalt-Rehazentrum Hochegg, 2017

Die Pensionsversicherungsanstalt hat die Ingenos.Gobiet GmbH mit der Erstellung einer Realisierungsstudie beauftragt um festzustellen welche Maßnehmen erforderlich sind um die in die Jahre gekommene Sonderkrankenanstalt-Rehazentrum Hochegg auch langfristig betreiben zu können.

Regional state hospital Neunkrichen, 2016

The regional state hospital Neunkirchen underwent reconstruction on the existing premises, meeting modern medical and technical requirements. Four building complexes with beds for 367 patients and five surgery rooms were positioned to allow for short connecting ways, yet at the same time giving way to wide views from the patient rooms.

Vienna Danube Hospital, Central sterile services, 2015

The Social Medical Center East, also known as Danube Hospital, has assumed a bigger role regarding the production of sterile medical supplies for all of Vienna’s public hospitals. Therefore its production unit underwent reconstruction and expansion in order to accommodate the city’s demand. Ingenos.Gobiet was charged with construction management and structural engineering.

General Hospital Vienna New Buildings, 2014

The completion of the General Hospital Vienna took over 135 finishing and new projects. Two old buildings got renovated and two building complexes were newly built.

Hospital Rudolf Foundation Juchgasse 22, 2014

The City of Vienna - Association of Vienna's hospitals is building a new oject with the functional areas psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine, clinical psychology and pain clinic. The object will be implemented in low energy design.

Sanatorium Hera New, 2014

With the project "Sanatorium Hera New" a total reconstruction of the whole building complex is going to be implemented. The reconstructions objective is to optimise organisational structures and processes.

LKH Weiz New Building incl. Annex Intensive Care

New Building of a Hospital for internal medicine (32 beds) and surgical care (40 beds, 2 OPs) and one further building for intensive care (4 beds).

Caritas Nursing Home Pfaffing, 2012

The project Nursing Home Pfaffing comprises the enlargement of the existing building and a new building of the Nursing Home following low energy standards (HWB < 50 kWh/m²a).

Rehab Clinik Kittsee, 2012

A new rehabilitation centre with 77 patient beds and 25 hotel beds has been constructed in Kittsee. Ingenos.Gobiet was responsible for the general planning, structural framework planning, building physics and the construction-site coordination.

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