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Schillerplatz 4, 2012

In the centre of Vienna, on Schillerplatz 4, 28 exclusive luxury aparmtents have been built.

Status report Skylink Airport Vienna, 2009

Ingenos.Gobiet has been charged with the status report for the new terminal "Skylink" at the Vienna Airport. The status report gave the managing board an overview about the actual cost situation and the intended completion date.

Federal Ministry for Health and Women's Affairs

Within a master agreement with the Federal Ministry for Health, Family and Youth Ingenos.Gobiet is charged with the inspection order for real estates and properties in the ownership of Austrians Social  and Retirement Pension Insurance Bodies.

Due Diligence ITB Portfolio Salzburg, 2007

Ingenos.Gobiet has been charged with the Due Diligence for the survey of relevant technical project data and for the definition of objective decision criteria.

Reviews State Highway Maintenance Facilities in Eastern Austria, 2007

Ingenos.Gobiet has been charged with the review for 23 State Highway Maintenance Facilitities and other facilities of the ASFINAG.

Master agreement Raiffeisen Leasing Community reviews, 2015

Raiffeisen Leasing charged Ingenos.Gobiet with real estate assesments and contract reviews within a master agreement for community reviews.