Non-Standard Facilities

Projects that require due to the circumstances specific know-how and special procedures.

Site logistics & environmental management ASPERN Urban Lakeside, 2028

Site logistics for Vienna’s biggest urban development area: 15,000 accommodation units, 12,000 workplaces as well as related infrastructure, educational institutions, industrial parks and much more…


Site logistics & environmental management Berresgasse, 2021

We provide site logistics for an urban development projects, with 3,500 residential units and related infrastructure, parks, streets, public transport etc. 

Airport Berlin - Brandenburg, 2008

Within the construction of the new building of the International Airport Berlin the site development of the whole airport area became necessary as well. Therefore several bridge constructions have been erected. Ingenos.Gobiet has been charged with the structural framework planning of these bridges.

Fountain Main Square Baden, 2008

Reconstruction and renovation of the fountain at the main square in Baden.