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Zentrallehrwerkstätte ÖBB Hebbelplatz 7, 2018

Die ÖBB zieht ihre jetzigen drei Lehrwerkstätten in Wien zusammen. Als gemeinsamer Standort  wurde von der ÖBB ein ehemaliges Fabrikgelände im 10. Bezirk beim Gewerbering gekauft, deren Stahlbetongebäude aus den 80er-Jahren komplett umgebaut werden.

Shopping Center Gleisdorf - Phase 1 - 4, 2012

Ingenos.Gobiet has been responsible for the planning of the Shopping Centre Gleisdorf. The whole project has been implemented within 4 phases.

Agrana Fruit Moscow Region, 2012

A new production facility for the Agrana Fruit Ltd. in Serpuchov, Moskwa has been erected. The new facility provides a production area of 4.000m².

Meat Factory Raabtal, Phase 1 - 4, 2011

Ingenos.Gobiet has been in charge with the general planning, fire prevention planning and on-site construction inspection within all four phases of the enlargement of the Meat Factory Raabtal.

Waste Heat Utilization Facility - Gas compressor station Weitendorf, 2011

With the new Waste Heat Utilization Facility in Weitendorf waste heat of gas compressors could be used for the first time for the production of electricity. With this prodedure the annual need of about 28.500 househould are covered.

Zeta Business Relocation, 2011

The new managing directors of Zeta Biopharma Ltd. charged Ingenos.Gobiet with the general planning for the relocation of their new business centre in Lieboch, Graz.

Weitzer Parkett / Weiz, 2009

Ingenos.Gobiet has been charged with the on-site construction inspection for the new business premises of Weitzer Parkett in Weiz.

Service Centre Liebherr Peggau, 2009

Liebherr Werk Bischofshofen Ltd. charged Ingenos.Gobiet with the construction mangament for the enlargement of the existing assembly hall in Peggau.

Saw mill MM Efimovskij, Russia, 2008

On an area of about 40ha in Efimovskij, Russia a new saw mill had been constructed for the Mayr-Melnhof Holz Holding.

Technology and Development Centre Georgsberg, 2007

The Technology and Development Centre Georgsberg has been built as an impulse for the region in terms of a development, service and training center for the "Automotive Axis Graz - Circumference Southwest". Overall over 120 employees are working on an office area of 2.200m².

Mesterpark Budapest, 2006

Ingenos.Gobiet has been charged with the project development, project management and attendant controls for the revitalisation of the Mesterpark in Budapest.

Agrana Fruit Winniza / Ukraine, 2004

Ingenos.Gobiet has been charged with the planning of the reconstruction and new building for the Agrana's Fruit Factory in Winniza, Ukraine.

Steierobst 2000 Gleisdorf, 2001

The food processing factory in Gleisdorf has been restructuren and enlarged at an overall production area of 1.845m². The main parts of the reconstruction concerned the enlargement of the production areas, laboratories and offices for the "fruit kitchen".