Water Management

Urban water suplly and sanitation, utility lines construction, communal sewage treatment plant, industrial sewage treatment plant, water treatment plant, water pollution control plant,...

EBRD Gradacac Water - Project Implementation incl. Procurement and Engineering Supervision, BiH, 2020

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is providing a loan of up to EUR 6.0 million to the Municipality of Gradacac (Federation of BiH) and Public Utility Company "Komunalac", responsible for water and wastewater services, to be co-financed by grants of up to EUR 3 million from international donors.

Sewage plant Leibnitz, 2011

The Sewage Board Leibnitz - Wagna - Kaindorf is in need of a new building and a state of the art adaption for the sewage plant Leibnitz (50.000 p.e.).

Sewage Treatment Plant Graz, 2008

The sewage treatment plant Graz has been adapted to the state of the art and enlarged to a capacity for 500.000 p.e. (population equivalent). For this purpose a dentrification tank was built and the clarification basins were renovated. In order to increase energy efficiency, a biomass power plant got connected to the sewage treatment plant.