River Works Development

Drain inspections, high water risk analysis, drainage systems, high water barriers, hiwgh water shelter on premises, drain ecologization

Fish ladder Nussdorf-Vienna, Vienna, 2017

The new fish ladder reconnects the Danube Canal with the main river and enables native species to migrate between the two and reach their spawning grounds.


Flood protection Ottersbach, Styria, 2016

As a consequence of the occurrence of several floodings over the past years, the State Government of Styria has decided to have extensive flood protection systems built on the premises and surroundings of the municipality St. Peter. Ingenos.Gobiet as the best bidder was awarded with the contract. 


Mur widening Gosdorf 2, Styria, 2011

At a length of 1.200m the river Mur has been widened between the water mouth of the Sassbach and Diepersdorf.

Drain inspection Gradnerbach Rosental, Styria, 2010

To protect flood-prone properties Ingenos.Gobiet has been charged with the drainage inspection of the Kainach at a length of about 200m.

Drain inspection Södingbach and Doblbach, Styria, 2009

To protect flood-prone areas Ingenos.Gobiet has been charged with the drainage inspection and 2D-modelling of the Doblbach and Södingbach at a length of about 35km.