1992Fomation of W42 as permanent working partnership of Arch. DI Lechner and DI Turk
1993Establishment of the civil engineer office DI Andreas Gobiet
2000Establishment of Ingenos ZT GmbH with Arch. DI Horst Hönig, Arch. DI Winfried Lechner, DI Andreas Turk, DI Robert Zach
2000Establishment of Gobiet & Partner ZT GmbH
2004Joining of DI Robert Haider to Gobiet & Partner ZT GmbH
2009Signing of the assocation agreement of the Ingenos.Gobiet.ZT GmbH
2010Official start of the operativ activities of Ingenos.Gobiet.ZT GmbH
2011Expansion of the entreprise with gb-plan Haustechnische Planungsgesellschaft m.b.H and joining of Ing. Gerhard Buchmann to the management board. Resignation of DI Andreas Turk from the entreprise and the management board.
2014Affiliation NIRAS Group, Compilation to Ingenos.Gobiet.GmbH, Universal succession IGZT