Press Review

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien - Warum das 500-Millionen-Projekt skandalfrei blieb

In der Ausgabe vom 9. August 2014 erschien in der Tageszeitung "Der Kurier" ein Interview mit unserem Geschäftsführer DI Andreas Gobiet über die Großbaustelle Campus WU Wien. Die Ingenos.Gobiet.ZT GmbH zeichnete in diesem Projekt für die Generalbauaufsicht verantwortlich.

Hospital North - Welcome to the Health Mall

In the issue of Friday, October 4th 2013, the daily newspaper "Die Presse" published an article on the development of hospitals in Vienna, including the construction of the Hospital North. The Ingenos.Gobiet.ZT GmbH is responsible in this project for the project management.

Expo Real - Palaces, Spas and Barrack Yards

In the issue of October 4th 2013 the daily newspaper "Die Presse" reports on the Expo Real 2013 in Munich. Together with the city of Vienna the Ingenos.Gobiet.ZT GmbH is one of the exhibitors. 

Innovative Technology - Sustainable Real Estate

In the issue of the Property Market Vienna 2013/2014 - the brochure for real estate projects in Vienna - an article about the pioneering project "Nordbahnstraße" has been published. Together with Jasper Architects from Buenos Aires the Ingenos.Gobiet.ZT GmbH is responsible for the general planning of this project.

Topping out at the Campus WU Vienna

The University Campus of Economics, currently the biggest project in the field of Universities has completed its structural work. The current issue of the magazine Wettbewerbe includes a detailed progress report.

On page 23 is an article by Managing Director DI Andreas Gobiet on the subject of site supervision titled "Den letzten beissen die Hunde".

Article only available in German.

Vienna's Projects "Hospital North" - Expo Real News

In issue 01/2013 of the newspaper "Competence Circles"  an article about Vienna's major projects and developments in the real estate industry has been published. For the described health project "Hospital North" the Ingenos.Gobiet.ZT GmbH is responsible for the project management.

Fully on schedule: Campus WU

At the moment a future-oriented university concept is being implemented on an area of about 90.000m² between Prater and Messegelände in Vienna following the designs of five international star architects. Please read more about the project and extracts from the interview with the construction supervisor from Ingenos.Gobiet, DI Rudolf Elsenwenger, in the current issue of the "Baumagazin"

Heritage Hotel Hallstatt

On October 22nd 2011 the daily paper "Der Standard" published an article about the Heritage Hotel in Hallstatt. Ingenos.Gobiet has been mainly responsible for the project development and planning within this project.

(c) Hotel Hallstatt

Campus WU Vienna - University of Superlative

On August 12th 2011 the daily paper "Kleine Zeitung" published an article about the project Campus WU in Vienna. Ingenos.Gobiet is responsible for the on-site construction supervision within this project.

(c) Kleine Zeitung, Friday, 12th August 2011

Buildings of the Future

In July 2011 the monthly magazin "Business Monat" published an interview with our managing directors Winfried Lechner and Robert Zach concerning buildings of the future.

Andreas Gobiet - New President of the VZI

On June 24th 2011 the magazin "Wirtschaftsblatt" (Economy Paper) reported about the consentaneous election of Andreas Gobiet as new president of the Association of Austrian Professional Engineering Companies.