Project Management

Our experienced project management team characterizes itself by its capability to administrate, co-ordinate, control and demonstrate excellent talent communication skills.

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Project Development

Instead of speculative win optimization, we place a high value on functionality, longevity and sustainability with our methods of project developement.

General Planning

One project - one price - one contact person. Our general planning project team guides you throughout the project and guarantees the expected result

Attendant Controls

From the first plan up to the final phase of the project, we are able to offer our coustomers the necessary and appropriate control, which in turn is vital for an optimal decision making during the various phases, such as contract, planning, costs, deadlines, execution and handing over.

Building and Construction

Our architects gauge the quality of their work on the funtionality, technical design, minimum energy requirements and cost effectiveness of the created objects.

Planning of Structural Framework

The econonomic methods of our team structure is supported by current calculation tools which guarantees great cost efficiency and pracitcability combined with modern aesthetic requirements.

Mechanical Planning

We provide professional building services for your projects from the beginning of planning, over the contract award, on-site supervision through till the approval and handover of the completed project.

Electrical Planning

Ingenos.Gobiet electrical consultants provide economical and ecological solutions for all electrotechnical requirements within your project.

Construction Management

The Ingenos.Gobiet construction managers comply with all planning and building regulations at the construction site, and facilitate all necessary security.

Civil Engineering Planning

The Ingenos.Gobiet civil engineers plan modern traffic-routes, and infrastruktural facilities and different facilities for maintenance and disposal.

Water Management

The Ingenos.Gobiet civil engineers demonstrate their competence in making and keeping your water clean.

River Works Development

Our engineers develop warning systems and shelters against natural hazards and protect therewith settlement areas and ecological structures.

Energy and Environment

The highly qualified Ingenos.Gobiet energy and environmental managers help by consulting on widespread concepts to reduce the demand on energy, and offer input in selecting the right energy systems.

Special Services

The know-how of Ingenos.Gobiet team members is a result of their different fields of expertise, which ensures complete clarity when addressing difficult and compley decisions.