Due to the unexpected passing away of our highly esteemed CEO and founder of INGOB.ZT GmbH, DI Andreas Gobiet in April this year, the integration process between INGOB.ZT GmbH and DELTA Group, which was started at the beginning of 2023, had to be completed more quickly than planned. In order to secure the management of INGOB.ZT GmbH, DELTA co-owner and managing director, DI Wolfgang Kradischnig and INGOB.ZT GmbH Team Leader of Project Monitoring and Control, Arch. DI Helga Juri, immediately took over the dual management. The transfer of ownership, which was planned in several phases, has also been completed: The DELTA Group is now the sole owner of INGOB.ZT GmbH.

In January 2023, the cooperation between DELTA and INGOB got off to a promising start. In several phases, DI Andreas Gobiet and the DELTA management had agreed on a step-by-step merger. Due to the unexpected death of DI Andreas Gobiet, a completely new process had to be set up. Close coordination between the owners and management of both companies led to a new joint strategy for the future, which enables an accelerated integration process, makes the best possible use of existing synergies and continues the vision of DI Andreas Gobiet.

In order to express the new ownership structure, the previous INGOB company logo will be adapted as follows: