AKH - General Hospital Vienna New Buildings

Project Details:

Sector(s): Healthcare

Investment Budget: 200 million €

Client: ARGE AKH

Services: Project Monitoring and Control

Completion: 2014


The building of AKH (General Hospital Vienna, 2.200 beds, total floor area 240.000 m2) was enlarged and refurbished through 135 projects in the East Wing, including rehabilitation of two old buildings and new construction of two complexes of buildings, new laboratory building (11.800 m² total floor area) and improvement of the outdoor areas of the hospital. Alongside with that, technical building facilities and medical and laboratory equipment were renewed for the ambulance, the paediatric surgery, and the stem cell laboratory.

Through environment-friendly district heating, the AKH is saving 80.000 tons of CO2 per year, confirmed by a certificate issued by the Technical University in Vienna. Besides warm water and heating, the AKH is also saving with air-conditioning and steam production. A variable air-volume-system measures the CO2 and the air temperature levels so to ensure its exchange only when necessary, thus minimising the energy consumption.


  • conducted the Project Monitoring and Control,
  • provided advice on project development for the individual sub-projects,
  • participated in the coordination processes with the client for the design and equipment of the individual departments of the hospital,
  • assisted the award process for the individual sub-projects.


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