Construction logistics & environmental management, Seestadt ASPERN (Lake town Aspern)

Project title:                   Construction logistics & environmental management, Seestadt ASPERN (Lake town Aspern)

Investment budget:      4,5 Billion €

Service(s):                     Construction logistics


Seestadt Aspern is one of the largest current urban development projects in Europe, located on the former Aspern airfield in Donaustadt, Vienna’s 22nd district.

Several thousand apartments, workplaces and buildings with other purposes have already been built in Seestadt Aspern since 2013, and by 2032 a total of around 10,500 apartments will be home to over 20,000 people.

The urban planning concept is geared towards a mix of functions and as a business location, it also intends to create over 20,000 jobs. With its lake at the centrepiece, the parks and the various leisure opportunities, the Seestadt becomes a lively district.

The higher-level construction logistics is the information hub for all those involved in the project on the site. The construction logistics is responsible for the logistical control of the external and internal construction site traffic, taking into account the requirements of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Furthermore, the construction logistics coordinates the traffic routes and is also responsible for the entire soil disposal and recycling of material.

The construction logistics controls the higher-level scheduling of building sites and infrastructure builders in the city of Vienna (MA28 – roads, MA31- water supply, MA33 –street lighting, MA42 – landscaping, Wienkanal, district heating, gas, telecom, etc.) and coordinates everything so that all services are completed at the same time and each of its services is ecological and economically optimised.

Furthermore, the construction logistics is responsible for the overall construction site safety and coordinates this with the “blue light organisations” of the City of Vienna (MA68 – firefighting, MA70 – rescue and police). The construction logistics develops strategic construction process concepts and various future scenarios and controls their implementation at the operational level.

Scope of services:

  • Construction logistics
  • Interface management
  • Construction site safety

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