“Generational living” Wolkersdorf, young - old - socially - affordable

Investment budget: 15.000.000 €

Service(s): Feasibility Study


The municipality of Wolkersdorf in the Weinviertel intends to construct a municipal building in Wolkersdorf with the topic of GENERATIONAL LIVING. The property owned by the municipality has a size of almost 5.000 m². The target groups are both young people and teenagers, young couples (= first time occupants), single parents and young families, as well as more senior people, who want to move into a house with an active community life. Part of the project is also the establishment of a small kindergarten and a community healthcare facility.

The Feasibility Study included an analysis of possible future usage, development of legal models and organizational models for property developers and building rights models, as well as the economic and tax assessment of the future development.

The Feasibility Study served as a basis for the relevant committee decision and can be used as the basis for the subsequent architecture competition.

Scope of services:

  • Basic investigation
  • Feasibility study

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