Indoor Swimming Pool Paracelsusbad

Sector(s): Tourism & Recreation

Client: Municipality of Salzburg

Service(s): Project Monitoring and Control

Completion: 2019

Architecture / Design: Architekturbüro Berger + Pakkinen ZT GmbH


In order to meet the requirements of the 21st century, the old indoor pool on Auerspergstraße in the new part of Salzburg was demolished and replaced by a new building. The designer Berger + Parkkinen drew up a proposal for an urban upgrading of the open area and street area north-west of the new Paracelsus baths.

The new building of the Paracelsusbad includes a spa house and an underground car park on the site of the former old building.

The project was carried out in two construction stages:

  • First stage: demolition and new construction of the family pool, including sauna area, new construction of the spa house including the equipment.
  • Second stage: relocation of the old spa building to the new building and demolition of the existing spa building and construction of the outdoor facilities. 

The traffic area in front of the Paracelsusbad was redesigned into a “shared space”.

Project Gallery: