Design Review and Supervision of Works for Rehabilitation of unsanitary dumpsite “Ćafe” in the municipality of Bar, Montenegro (EuropeAid/137123/IH/SER/ME/3)

Project Details:


The unsanitary dumpsite “Ćafe” near Bar, Montenegro, has a total area of approximately 20 ha, of which approximately 6 ha is covered with the disposed waste. The amount of waste is estimated at 172.000 m3, disposed at the altitude of 35 m to 115 m above the sea.

The dumpsite will be partially rehabilitated by way of relocation of the waste inside the location and covering with a multi-layer composed of: gas drainage layer, waterproof layer, storm-water drainage layer, reinforcement net and layer for landscaping.

The purpose of this contract is to enable access to high quality and cost-effective expertise in order to perform Official Review (Technical Control) of the Main Design (which will be developed by the Works Contractor) and to administer/supervise the Works Contract in order to ensure its quality, cost-effective and timely completion in the scope of closure of the Ćafe Old Dumpsite.

The works are a “design and construction” contract prepared in accordance with the international procedures and with the “FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design-Build 1999 Edition (Yellow Book)”, in compliance with the PRAG V 10.0 2014 Rules.

INGOB.ZT GmbH acts as “the Engineer” to the Public Works Administration of Montenegro and act also in accordance with the Montenegrin legislation and requirements.

Scope of Services:

  • Review and approval of all the documents and Main Design prepared by the Works Contractor to enable the Contracting Authority to obtain all permits related to preparation for construction of the Works in accordance with the Montenegrin Law on Spatial Planning and Construction.
  • Supervision of the architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and automation works for construction and installation, erecting and commissioning of the Works.
  • Supervision has been done in accordance with both Montenegrin legislation and FIDIC Yellow Book Conditions of Contract.

Investment budget: 3.500.000 €
Service(s): Design Review, Construction Supervision

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