New University Building, expansion of Campus Krems

Project Details:

Project title:                   New University Building, expansion of Campus Krems

Investment budget:      76.800.000 €

Service(s):                      Project Management


Campus Krems is one of the leading university locations in Austria, located 80 km from Vienna, in one of the most beautiful cultural landscapes of Europe, known as the Wachau. The Campus Krems Education Center shall be expanded by constructing a new building, with a gross floor area of 28.300 m2, which will be used jointly by three institutions:

  • Danube University Krems
  • IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems
  • Karl Landsteiner Private University for Health Sciences
In particular, the necessary framework conditions shall be created in order to correspond to the culture of openness, diversity of values and mutual appreciation lived by the users. By creating appealing meeting spaces that encourage exchange, the project shall open up to the surrounding area and blend in harmoniously with the urban environment. Inside, the students and the teachers shall be given the opportunity to pursue practical teaching and research in a pleasant atmosphere, due to the adapted light and air conditioning as well as the used materials.

In order to meet the social responsibility of users, special attention shall be paid to the issues of ecological and economic sustainability through the use of new and pioneering technologies. In particular, life cycle costs shall be adequately optimized.

The university location Krems is in the core zone of the UNESCO World Heritage “Wachau Cultural Landscape”. The requirements of the Wachau World Heritage Management Plan shall be taken into account during implementation.

Scope of Services:

  1. Project management:
    • Organizing project structure
    • Organizing decision making
    • Architectural design
    • Laboratory equipment
    • Coordination and cooperation with the local authorities in respect of the building regulations and construction permit

  2. Management of costs:
    • Monitoring the budget and expenditures
    • Budget forecasting
    • Financial reporting

  3. Management of deadlines:
    • Timeline and deadlines
    • General work plan
    • Supervision of milestones
    • Proposing solutions for overcoming delays

  4. Project monitoring and reporting:
    • quarterly reports on progress and risks

  5. Procurement management: support and supervision of all necessary tenders (construction works, technical building equipment, furniture, laboratory equipment), as follows:
    • Advising the investor on the tender strategy
    • advising the investor on the tender dossier, draft contract, procedures and forms,
    • controlling technical specifications
    • launching tender
    • support to and supervision of tender evaluation procedure
    • assistance in contracting the awarded contractors

  6. Contract monitoring:
    • Overhead monitoring of costs
    • Managing of deadlines of all construction companies and suppliers
    • Anti-Claim management
    • Risk management

Project Details: