State Hospital Graz - University Clinic for Blood Serology and Transfusion Medicine

Project Details:

Sector(s): Healthcare

Client: Styrian Hospital Holding

Services: Design, Project management, Construction management

Completion: 2015

Architecture / Design: Arch. DI Irmfried Windbichler


In 2003, the Styrian Hospital Holding (KAGes) started planning the new building for the University Clinic for Blood Serology and Transfusion Medicine (UBT). All laboratories for production of blood and stem cell products as well as all laboratories for analysis screening, storage logistics and administration are to be located in the new building. Particular attention is paid to the implementation of clean room technology according to international, pharmaceutical, industrial and legal standards.

 The new building is functionally divided into three main areas:

  • Collection area for special blood donors and patients 
  • Production of conventional and special blood products 
  • Analysis laboratories

The gross floor area of the entire new building is 9,240m² with construction costs of €28.5 million. Construction began in August 2010. The production of the facades and the intensive and highly complex interior fittings including the clean room areas are done in accordance with GMP requirements (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Ingenos.Gobiet.ZT GmbH was commissioned with the design, project management, construction supervision and construction site coordination.


  • pi-Planungs GmbH: electrical engineering design
  • Vatter & Partner ZT GmbH: Structural design
  • TB Lang: Building technology design
  • TB Franz Blaschitz: MSR_design
  • Küttner, Wenger & Partner GmbH: Medical technology design
  • TÜV Austria consult GmbH: Elevator design