University Hospital St. Pölten

Project Details:

Sector(s): Healthcare

Client: NÖ Landeskliniken-Holding sowie das Land Niederösterreich, Abt. GS4

Services: Project Monitoring

Completion: 2022

Architecture / Design : ARGE Pfaffenbichler – FCP


House C is an entirely new building, planned and developed with involvement of the hospital staff. The building will consist of 7 levels, amounting to 60,000m² of floor space. The underground car park will be built on two floors with a total capacity of 255 parking spaces. On the ground floor the central admission ward and emergency room will be situated.  The intensive care unit, including 8 operating rooms and recovery rooms, are to be built on the second floor. Furthermore, general surgery, cardio-, neuro-, and trauma surgery will be placed in House C as well. This building complex is scheduled for completion in 2017.

 House G functions as the future main entrance into the hospital. Attractive open spaces providing services like a bank and kiosk, as well as several shops and a café are bound to invite visitors and outpatients into the clinic. The actual outpatient clinic is going to be built as a connecting element between House B and C and will also include a lecture hall. The historic Imperial Garden and adjacent chapel are well integrated in the construction plans.

The clinical pathology and the radiology department will be situated in House D. Storage units, archives and building services will also be located there. An underground passageway will connect the building with House A/B and C.

The gradual general refurbishment of main building A started in 2017. All new as well as existing building units are to be connected by underground passageways. Therefore, within the clinic complex all patient and other transportations can be done quickly and protected from wind and weather.

Once the expansion of the hospital is completed, it will serve as one of the most modern health care centres in Europe for preventive medicine, therapy and mental health.

Completion: House C+G in June 2019, House A+D in 2022.

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