Construction Logistics

The motto of all logisticians is “having is better than needing”. In this sense, the essential task of construction logistics is the far-sighted planning and recognition of problems and their solution long before they actually arise. Based on this, the tasks of the construction logistics specialists are divided into two major areas:

– The strategic, overarching planning of a building complex, large-scale construction project or urban development area on a time-based and logistical level: who does what, when, where and how and which requirements must be met so that everyone has performed their services by the defined point in time. The planning horizon ranges from weeks and months to several years.

The services of INGOB in construction logistics include planning of construction site equipment areas, cranes, construction roads, quantities management for earthworks and concrete, access and slot management, construction site safety and occupational safety, supply and disposal management, as well as support for official procedures, meetings and coordination with local and regional authorities for moving-in management.

– The operational construction logistics monitors compliance with all requirements and rules at all times, identifies deviations and initiates short and medium-term countermeasures. Detailed scheduling and coordination at work level are part of our daily business operations.

Changes – from whatever sphere – are analysed, evaluated and deviations are countered with appropriate reactions if necessary.

INGOB’s construction logistics specialists use an extensive set of tools to carry out these tasks: overview plans, responsibilities lists, schedules, meeting matrices, inspections and intensive communication as an information hub in the project.

For complementary services there are long-term partnerships with partner offices and companies.

Our Construction Logistics services include:

Team Leader´s statement:

“Logistics consists of 99.9% logic.
For us, service means seeing the issues and problems through the eyes of the customer and act accordingly.”

Dipl.Ing. Dietmar Schuhmann

Team Leader Construction Logistics
Mobile: +43 676 888 15 2221